♻️ What is the reason for bathing and the proper rules of the obligatory bathing? Due to not knowing the proper rules of compulsory bathing, many works of numerous Muslim brothers and sisters are not accepted. Which is a terrible thing in faith. 🔎 For the reasons that the bath is mandatory ====================== 1 ⃣⃣ ⃣⃣ ⃣⃣ ⃣⃣ ⃣⃣ ⃣⃣ And if there is a dream and if there is no semen, even though bathing is forbidden]] 2 ♥ female or male intercourse (whether there is sperm or sputum). 3 ⃣⃣⃣ ⃣⃣⃣ .⃣⃣ .⃣⃣ If you accept Islam (if you are new-Muslim). 🚿 The rules of compulsory bathing are summarized according to Sahih Hadith. ===================== 1 0 ⃣েরেরেরেরের⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣েরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরেরের 2’01 ‘Bismillah’ starts a bath 3,907 Washing up to two wrist hands (Bukhari 248) 4,01 cleansing the private parts of the water with the left hand (Bukhari 257) 591 ে⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣⃣ভাবেভাবেভাবে 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ( 6.91Whose well as well as the prayers of the prayer. (Washing two hands three times, giving water to the nose, washing hands to the mouth and elbows, do not have to do the head.) In this case, only the legs should be left behind, which will be washed at the end of the bath.  (Bukhari 257, 255, 265) 7,0 ⃣ Pouring water on the head, brushing the hair properly with a finger. (Bukhari 258) The women will not be able to open properly, they will be properly wet. (Muslim 330) 8,0 পানি pour water into the whole body; First right, then left. (Bukhari 168) 9, 7) Washing the feet of the bath and washing your feet (Bukhari 257). ====================== Remember to: 🅰 Men’s hair and hair and women’s hair should also be well-dried. Even one hair is not dry. “If there are three obligations of bathing, then there will not be a bath” Washing the whole body is mandatory “Women’s hair cloth and venee are such that if there is no difficulty in reaching water in the hairstream There is no need “but if the hair is too thick or there is obstruction in the form of a dough or vene that will not reach the water, then the cholera dopa or the venei should be opened. “If the hair is open then all the hair should be wet and reach the water till it is good” Do not have a hair and do not dry. Men’s rings, such ornaments which are worn by the holes, like “nose ring” ear rings, the water should reach under these ornaments !! 🅱 In this rule, after bathing, there is no need to start again, if it does not break the ojoo. ==================== May Allah forgive us the correct way of adhering to the Qur’an and Saheeh Sunnah and forget the mistake of not knowing the previous one. (((Amin))

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